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Robotnik's GUARDIAN robot is a modular robot with high mobility. GUARDIAN extends the range of missions in which the robotic technology is used in several ways:

  • Teleoperation capabilities allow to remotely performing any mission thus enhancing the security of the operator.
  • The robot is small enough to be transported in a conventional car boot and light enough to introduce it in a lift.

It just requires a little control briefcase. The mobility and high speed of the robot allow it to rapidly access buildings.


Guardian is a mobile platform specially designed for applications in areas as security, inspection and research, due to its high mobility, that allows it to move in places difficult to access for other kind of platforms (stairs, slopes, rough terrain...). The robot is able to integrate serveral sensors (indoor/outdoor laser, cameras, stereovision heads, inertial measurement units, GPS ...) and actuators (WAM arm, modular arm, stereovision, pan-tilt units ...). Guardian offers a wide space inside to incorporate multiple CPUs, which allows for greater on-board processing for vision, laser telemetry or RTK-DGPS. The robot has a weight of 120Kg, so it can carry up to 100 Kg of additional equipment. It just requires a little control briefcase.


Scientific applications:

  • Indoor/Outdoor navigation.
  • Localization.
  • Control software architectures.
  • Swarming.


  • Surveillance.
  • Remote measuring.

Explosive disposal:

  • Search and disposal of improvised explosive devices
  • Search and disposal of military explosive ordenance

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 1.115x740x450 mm (+ wheels)
Weight 120 Kg
Payload 100 Kg
Speed 3 m/s
Enclousure class IP54 / IP65, IP66 optional
Traction system Belts combined with wheels
Traction motors 2 axis, skid configuration
2 x 1.000W
Autonomy (1) 3 h / (2) 5 h
Batteries 48 VDC/30 Ah. - 48 VDC/ 50 Ah. LiFePo4 Technology
Temperature range -10º to +50º C
Max. climbing angle 45º
Modular system Highly scalable system:
Possibility of 1 or 2 robot arms.
Connection of different types of sensors.
Eth/USB/RS-232 external ports.
Controller Embedded PC with Linux Real Time O.S., WiFi / WiMan / WiFi Mesh communication.
Multiple CPU options.
ROS architecture (www.ros.org).
Cameras Multiple options of cameras PTZ.
3D camera.
Options IMU



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Technical Specifications

Product information for: Mobile Robot GUARDIAN

Publishing date (date of last technical specification): 2014-02-01
Length: 1.11 m
Width: 740 mm
Height: 540 mm
Weight: 120 kg
Shipping weight: 100 kg
Manufacturer: Robotnik
Brand: Robotnik
Article number: RBK-GUARDIAN

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Obsolete item

This item is not available any more. Some components might no longer be manufactured or there is an improved successor model.


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